Small groups, great success!

The foundation for skiing greatness will be laid in a playful manner on our training area by the Rettenegglift. Rope tows as well as a conveyor belt are provided free of charge and with a lot of atience and even more enthusiasm we will teach the little ones, in groups of about eight, the proper technique.

Meeting point

Sunday at 9:15 at the Rettenegglift


Sunday until Thursday
9:30 - 11:30
13:00 - 15:00

Our schedule

First day of the course is Sunday, starting at 10:00am.

Courses from Monday start at 9:30am.

Don't like long lines at the lift? Us either!

This is why we start at 9:30! At this time you can still catch a couple of good runs down the freshly prepped slopes before even the latest riser will have put on his skis.


We stop for lunch at 11:30. This is the optimal time to catch a nice spot out in the sun or inside in front of the fireplace in one of the many restaurants of Filzmoos.

Feeling replenished?

Rested and full of energy we will hit the slopes again at 13:00. We stop at 15:00 in order to leave you with some family time at the end of the day.

Lunchtime supervision

Following an exciting morning, everyone will be ready to replenish their energy reserves. We offer optional lunchtime supervision, making sure the children get some rest while enjoying a delicious meal in one of the various restaurants of Filzmoos.

The crowning final of a successful week

Is the race at the Rettenegglift, which is followed by an award ceremony, where everyone will feel like a pro.



Daily course duriation: 4h.

1 day: € 95

2 days: € 185

3 days: € 240

4 days: € 260

5 days: € 270



Cildren from age 3 to 4.
Daily course duriation: 2h.
Maximum group size is 6 children.

1 day: € 70

2 days: € 140

3 days: € 175

4 days: € 190

5 days: € 205


Want to extend?

Extensions beginning with the third day:

€ 30 per day



€ 15 per day

incl. food and drinks